"YMO" brand HEC coal combustion catalyst holds the features of high efficiency and energy-saving, green in one of anthracite, bituminous coal, coking coal, lignite, peat, and has good compatibility. The advent of HEC coal combustion catalyst is to save the limited resources, and reduce coal combustion caused by air.

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    Ming Yang, Hong Kong International (Group) Co., Ltd. (YMO) scientific research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, is a project dedicated to coal combustion catalyst and have exported to Russia and other CIS countries Bolster side frame Qualification Company.


    The company received in 2011 Russia and other CIS countries Bolster side frame drawings information, contact the China CSR Guiyang vehicle plant, jointly signed a production Bolster side frame sample shipments of contract "to achieve export volume production and marketing of the two sides negotiated and signed the "Bolster, side frame supplier Memorandum to determine the full-year cooperation program in 2012.


     Strong technical and financial forces, with a burning coal catalyzed mainly exported to Russia and other CIS countries lorry-specific side frame and bolster several categories, interdisciplinary, high-tech workforce, has a wealth of theoretical research and practical experience, and long-term and internationally renowned universities and national research institutions to maintain close contact and exchange.


    Promote energy conservation in the world, the development of low-carbon economy, to improve the historical changes in the human living environment, the United States, Britain, Germany, France and other countries in the 1970s has started to enter the combustion catalytic theory and practice, and achieved highlight the progress of the kick off to save the limited fuel resources on Earth. Researchers of our company through years of painstaking research, the practice has been successful R & D reached the international advanced level of HEC coal combustion catalyst. In recent years to promote the use, the Practice has proved that: This series of products sets energy efficient, non-volatile, flammable, non explosive, non-toxic liquid. Can reduce the activation energy of coal when burned, widely used in the combustion system of thermal power, metallurgical, cement, chemical and other key coal enterprises, economizer has a good effect and reduce harmful gases such as SO2 and CO2 emissions. The series of energy saving obvious enterprises, social pairs effectiveness.


    Promote energy technology, implementation of energy saving, low carbon economy, and take the road of Industrial Science and Technology is the company's strategic concept. Excellent product, country, user benefit, and good service is the aim of the company. Welcome colleagues to participate in the future!

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